Quality Builds Trust

Our quality management is built on 2 pillars to guarantee you a high quality and safe food:

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High quality standards

High quality demands require a high level of control and regulation. As our own claim to underline the title of quality manufacturer in the tea segment, our products are particularly characterized by the taste quality and visual appearance.

Benefit from our consistent quality, our fresh product ideas, coupled with our extensive market know-how and our company’s flexible approach to handling every project, every request and every wish in a solution-oriented manner.

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Quality Management Team

Our quality management team makes a big contribution to this process every day. In addition to taste checks, our colleagues pay attention to the quality of each individual tea blend and packaging. This way, you can be sure that your tea blend is always produced according to your specifications.

Several times a year, we take part in unannounced and voluntary food audits, which confirm our commitment and conscious handling of our food.

In addition to sieving and detector checks, independent laboratory analyses are carried out and evaluated to ensure the quality of the ingredients we use. From a microbiological examination to residue controls, such as pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PA for short), everything is checked and only released after a positive result.

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