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Sustainability as well as the common cooperation with our fellow human beings are of great importance to us. We are aware of the privileged society in which we live and operate. However, we are also aware that these privileges are not available to all people in this world. That is why we have decided that we want to do something so that things like toilets or clean drinking water are no longer just a privilege that we have and often don’t even appreciate, but can become part of everyday life for as many people as possible.

With the projects of Viva con Agua, which we support, this is possible. But what exactly does Viva con Agua do?

Information About Viva Con Agua


Clean drinking water and hygiene are an important component in the prevention of diseases. This has been brought home to us once again by the Corona crisis.

The Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) project is designed to provide not only clean drinking water but also important hygiene. With WASH, wells are built to supply people with sufficient drinking water. At the same time, WASH raises awareness among local people about the importance of hygiene.

How does it work?

It is assumed that children are a particularly important factor in the spread of hygiene measures. Therefore, they are already introduced to the topic in school and thus also in lessons. With their help, it is also possible to reach the older generations, who then implement what the children tell them at home from school. In this way, the risk of becoming ill can be significantly reduced.

It is especially important for women to learn these things, as they need hygienic conditions during their menstruation even more urgently than men. Girls and women are thus supported in yet another direction to protect them from infections.

Moreover, the people concerned are not radically forced to change their way of thinking. Through universal languages such as music, art or sports, people are slowly introduced to more hygienic ways of living. At the same time, this promotes community among each other.

Unfortunately, building a well does not solve the problem. The well has to be maintained, sanitary facilities have to be installed and also maintained, just to mention a few things.

In order to ensure that people are not dependent on others in such situations, they are also given the knowledge they need to take care of these problems themselves.

In order to be able to pay for possible repairs, the use of the well is subject to a fee. However, the amount to be paid is based on what the people have at their disposal, because the amount should not be a reason not to use the well.

So care is taken to ensure that people have access to the well in any case, but at the same time their independence is promoted so that they will no longer be dependent on outside help at some point.

Current Water Project


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Gräfenhof is involved in the current projects in India. There, two completely different regions are supported by Viva con Agua.

These are the two regions of Bundelkhand and Madhubani. The first region is one of the driest in the country and often experiences long periods of drought, which makes food cultivation much more difficult. Madhubani, on the other hand, regularly struggles with severe flooding.

Therefore, it is incredibly important that both regions receive help that fits the prevailing problems. So the knowledge to be imparted is quite different. Nevertheless, it is important to help both regions as much as possible.

In order to purchase the necessary aid, Gräfenhof is happy to donate to Viva con Agua. Seeing how help arrives is something that fills us with joy and also with pride, because we are part of this help.


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