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“We think your wholesale tea experience should be exceptional.”

Gräfenhof Tee is an innovative, hand-crafted premium tea manufacturer, Blender and importer for those looking for a professional, modern, and flexible Tea Wholesaler.

We develop, blend and custom craft a wide selection of higuest quality, exquisite organic and conventional loose leaf, bagged, and iced teas in Hamburg,Germany.

We work closely with all of our wholesale partners to create tea recipes and programs that complement their menus, provide recent and relevant information to help educate your staff, and therefore delight your customers.

OUR GOAL: Introduce and share the joy of tea to as many people as we possible can.

Why Should Hospitality & Wellness Professional’s Choose Organic Tea?

High Consumer Demand and PROFITS!

Not only is tea a very lucrative beverage, largely due to high profit margins, but the growing demand for high quality orgnical beverages like tea makes it a must-have addition to your menu.

growing Consumer Demand & preference for tea

Consumers prefer healthier choices like tea to sugary drinks like soda. In recent years, this has contributed to strong growth in retail tea sales. In addition, tea can be served all day and all year, with options for iced or hot tea, and caffeinated or decaffeinated tea.

As one of the most profitable items on a foodservice menu, it’s very important for your business to ensure that iced and hot teas are part of your beverage service. Set up a wholesale tea service consultation with your Gräfenhof Tee specialty supplier to find the tea, equipment and tea accompaniments that meet your operational needs.

Premin Organic Teas For hospitality
Cold Brew

Organic & Conventional Teas for Hospitality & Wellbeing

Our wide selection of tea products and blends, Gräfenhof Tee is dedicated to helping you craft a tasty and profitable beverage menu.

We specialize in beverage and wholesale tea services for restaurants and foodservice, hotels, spa’s and wellness centers, sports centers and fitness facilities, as well as private label services for retailers.

Working in partnership with Gräfenhof Tee as your wholesale tea supplier, you can count on a consistent supply of traditional, premium and specialty teas, including new and innovative flavors to engage your customers and drive a loyal following.

Due to the growing engagement with tea products among consumers, offering quality options of traditional flavors in addition to new flavors, plus unique options such as fruit and tropical and herbal flavors, will help you provide high-demand, trending products and drive additional profits for your company.

Should You serve both iced and hot tea in Your business?

The preference for tea is due to a variety of factors, ranging from the desire for a healthier beverage, to the pleasure of the taste, to health needs. In general, we recommend offering both iced and hot tea in your store to accommodate the wide variety of tea drinker preferences.

And what about cold brew tea?

Cold brewed tea is becoming increasingly popular among tea drinkers and is an excellent option. It is prepared overnight in advance and is therefore ready to serve when the customer orders it.

It is healthier than other sugary drinks, and its taste is better than other ready-to-drink teas or bottled iced teas. You can use it to create beautiful tea cocktails that are not only visually appealing, but also fetch higher prices, generating additional revenue.

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Cold Brew

Tea Assortiment Recommendation For Professionals

  • What Types of tea should I offer?
  • How many teas should I have on my menu?
  • Should I sell organic or conventional teas?

These are some of the most common questions we are asked by our customers

Every business is different and may require a different range of products. If you provide us with an idea of your business model, what you offer we can best design a tea meny for you.

With that said, in the world of tea, some types of teas have become so popular that each establishment should carry them in their stock. Teas such as Earl Gery Tea, English Breakfast, Peppermint Tea, Vannila tea, one type of green tea, and Chamomile are some of the staple teas you should include in your beverage menu.

Gräfenhof Tea offers a wide range of unique loose teas and traditional tea bags as well as decaffeinated herbal blends and tisanes for the health and wellness customer!

We recommend 6-8 loose leaf teas:

  • 2 green tea options
  • 2 black tea options
  • 2 white tea options
  • 2 herbal tea options
  • 1 Oolong tea options

Cold Brewed Teas & Ice Teas

To complement your tea selection, you should offer 2-3 different iced tea alternatives. This would most likely ensure that you have a good tea assortiment that will keep your customers happy.

We offer a wide range of affordable and unique iced tea blends. Our organic iced teas are available in pyramid bags, sachets or loose tea and have a low minimum order value. You can Either contact us or visit our B2B shop for more information.

Tea Assortiment Guidelines For Businesses

Spa & Wellness , Hotels, Restaurants and Cafes

Gräfenhof Tee offers more than 800 different varieties of rare and organic teas which means that regardless which is your industry or customer base, we will most likely find the right product to add to your menu.

We aim to set the industry standards by producing organic and conventional teas that will resonate with high end customer demand, while simultaneously helping you to stay profitable.

We helped hundreds of clients in the past 6 years. With experience, we learned what types of tea best suit certain types of businesses

So , below, we will share some of our best tips for selecting the right assortiment.

Teas For Spas & Wellness
Cold Brew

Teas For Wellness & Spas

Tea is a perfect choice for spas. People visit Spas an Welness center because they want to feel good and relax. Tea is a know for both, making people feel good and relax.

From the business perspective, choosing the right beverage can help to ensure that clients are in an ideal physiological and psychological state to get the most out of their spa treatment. Tea complement the whole experience and happy customers, usually come back for more.

Japanese Green Teas, Organic Blends and Herbal Teas are some of the most popular choices for Spa and Wellness tea establishments. Some of the most popular ingredients are:

  • Chamomile – This herb, often found in ‘sleep aid teas’, is associated with reducing stress and relieving insomnia.
  • Peppermint – Stomach pain? Mint leaves help relieve bloating and digestive problems. As an added bonus, the tea can help freshen your breath!
  • Licorice – Licorice has always been considered a herb with antiviral properties, although many of its benefits have yet to be scientifically proven.
  • Echinacea – There is no definitive answer – and much debate – as to whether or not Echinacea prevents the common cold. However, it is generally accepted that its properties promote immune system activity and have antioxidant effects.
  • Rosehip – This highly flavoured herb, which is the basis of rose petals, is noted for its immune-boosting, vitamin C-rich properties.
  • Thyme – Helps to relieve cough or sinus pressure. This infusion helps relieve bronchospasms that cause coughing fits.
  • Rosemary – Releive stress and headaches. Rosemary keeps blood vessels dilated, preventing headaches caused by vasoconstriction.

We’ve put together a selection of tea blends for spas from our premium teas and functional botanical blends, which you can find in our wholesale collections of loose leaf and pyramid tea bags,

To learn more contact our support team and they will help select products that fit your business and are very popular and trending

Teas For Yoga & fitness
Cold Brew

Teas For Fitness & Yoga

The health benefits of traditional teas and herbal teas range from promoting heart health to being a natural source of antioxidants and vitamin C. In this collection, we’ve put together a selection of certified organic fitness teas that can be incorporated into a healthy diet and fitness regime.

  • Chamomile tea – Known for its calming properties, including anti-stress and anti-inflammatory properties, chamomile tea also helps relaxation.
  • Lemongrass – Known for its antioxidants, lemongrass helps improve natural immunity and boosts metabolism, which can help with weight loss. This caffeine-free tea is ideal for a stress-free workout. Read more.
  • Lavender Tea – Organic lavender tea calms a stressed mind and soothes nerves. It is best drunk before bedtime, but is also highly recommended as a pre-morning meditation drink. As it contains no caffeine, it does not cause the usual over-indulgence associated with green, oolong or black tea. Read more.
  • Green teas Green tea is very rich in nutrients and anti-oxidants. It a perfect beverate for active people. It is perfect post active drink as it helps replenish electrolytes lost during exercise.It is also perfect combined with other ingredients such as ginger, cinnamon and galangal.
  • Ginger helps muscle recovery and relieves aching muscles; galangal helps fight inflammation and pain;
  • Cinnamon is beleived to help lower blood pressure, helps fight infection and repair tissue damage; a
  • Jasmine tea – Jasmine contains antioxidants, improves brain function and promotes oral health.
  • Match and Ayurvedic Teas – These teas are especially good in hot climates and during the summer to replenish lost fluids and electrolytes, refresh the body and create a refreshing mood.
  • Iced tea or cold brew – These teas are very appealing to athletes and active people as they can be prepared in advance and stored in the fridge. A great addition to an easy to consume drink.

Our range of teas for fitness and sport are designed to aid recovery after exercise and quench thirst. As with all our teas, these are high quality teas and functional botanical blends that you will find in our wholesale loose leaf and pyramid sachet collections,

To learn more contact our support team and they will help select products that fit your business and are very popular and trending

Teas for Hotels
Cold Brew

Teas For Hotels

Small gestures and details can make a memorable stay extra special.

Imagine room service with a beautifully packaged, soothing tea bag on your pillow, or an in-room tea selection with premium whole-leaf teas individually packaged in organic degradable pyramid bags.

Choose from an array of pyramid tea bags.

Your guests will appreciate the gesture of a high-quality tea service that you can offer for just pennies per serving.

To learn more contact our support team and they will help select products that fit your business and are very popular and trending 

Teas For Restaurant & Catering

If a restaurant or catering establishment serves exceptional tea, guests will remember it. Gräfenhof Tea iced teas, pyramid bags and loose teas are all made from the same selection of handmade whole leaf teas.

Whatever your tea preferences, when you choose from our range of pyramid bags, loose tea or iced tea, you can be sure that you will always have a fresh and high quality tea product, and we will simplify the presentation and delivery.

To learn more contact our support team and they will help select products that fit your business and are very popular and trending 

Teas For restaurants
Cold Brew

Teas For Cafes

Great coffee deserves great tea.

Whether your café needs just a few delicious loose-leaf tea offerings, a full tea assortment, or a quick tea set for a drive-through, we have options to provide your customers with an outstanding experience.

With a selection of pyramid tea bags, loose teas, iced teas, matcha and tea accessories, you can put together the perfect tea menu and presentation for your cafe.

To learn more contact our support team and they will help select products that fit your business and are very popular and trending 

Our Wholesale Product Selection

Gräfenhof Tee offers more than 800 different varieties of rare and organic teas and is a leading tea wholesaler based in Hamburg, Germany. We offer high quality loose tea, iced tea and bagged tea.

We aim to set the industry standards by producing the best tea blends ever tasted. Here are some of the teas we offer:

Gräfenhof-Tee-GmbH - BIO- Tee Grosshandel-graefenhof-matcha
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As Gräfenhof Tee Wholesale Customer You Get:

Wide Selection

Product Development Outline - Tea Private Label Organic & Conventional Tea Wholesale - Gräfenhof Organic Tea Manufacturer & Wholesaler


Product Development Outline - Tea Private Label Organic & Conventional Tea Wholesale - Gräfenhof Organic Tea Manufacturer & Wholesaler

Great Service

Logisitcs & Storage- Gräfenhof Organic Tea Manufacturer & Wholesaler

Custom Products

Product Development Outline - Tea Private Label Organic & Conventional Tea Wholesale - Gräfenhof Organic Tea Manufacturer & Wholesaler

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