In addition to our broad know-how in the field of tea development and packaging concept, a sustainable orientation is very important to us and our customers. We work closely with our packaging partners in the area of biodegradable materials and do not use composite materials such as aluminum, which are not recyclable. Our network here extends as far as Asia and our options are more than diverse. Even our pyramid bags are now made of a sustainable material (called PLA), which allows us to do without nylon. For further questions, requests or comments on this topic, our team is at your disposal.


Our sustainable packaging and pyramid bags are made of polylactic acid (PLA). These are obtained from natural raw materials, such as rice or corn. The melting point for this material is around 150°C and is therefore also ideal for our tea and herb infusion bags.

In this way, we obtain a natural material that is in turn biodegradable (in accordance with DIN EN 13432). Change over with us!

In the following sections, we will discuss the topic in more detail.

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The Need for Ecological Tea Packaging

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Sustainable Packaging

Why is sustainable packaging important for organic tea companies?

All our packaging, pyramid bags and tea bags are plastic free and compostable at home without leaving any trace.

What are the packages and tea bags made of? How are they produced?

The compostable tea bag is made from a 100% plant-based material, polylactic acid (PLA), which is derived from corn. It allows for optimal fermentation and flavor formation and can be disposed of with food waste or placed in home composting.

The outer packaging is designed inside and out to preserve the natural flavors of the tea in the bag until you are ready to brew it.

But don’t worry, the outer packaging is also fully compostable at home! We have chosen NatureFlex, a compostable, renewable material made from renewable wood fibres.

Wholesale of Organic teas

Compared to the 100-500 years it takes petroleum-based plastics, these repackaging materials only take a few months to decompose in your home compost!

Pyremid bags made without plastic and environmental friendly

If you need a full-flavored tea bag that’s better than a biodegradable tea bag, you no longer have to ask the question, “Are tea bags compostable?”.

We take care of this aspect to ensure that our customers receive not only the best product, but also the optimal packaging. COMPANY

Environmentally Conscious Tea Consumers

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Modern Organic Tea Packaging For Modern Brands

Savvy brands have realized that today’s tea drinkers look different than tea drinkers of the past.

A whole new generation of consumers are choosing tea over coffee, soda and energy drinks because they are looking for a more natural caffeine boost without harmful additives or artificial ingredients.

Organic tea brands in particular use reusable zippered stand-up pouches because they help extend the shelf life of natural leaves that have not been treated with harmful chemicals to make them last longer.

The Importance of Packaging for New Brands

tee bags are recyclable, landfill-friendly and do not tear like conventional boxes or cartons.

They can protect both loose tea and individually packaged tea, and can be made with a clear front window that shows customers exactly what the product looks like. The wide front of stand-up pouches is the perfect surface for branding your business and designs that reflect its sustainable values and practices.

This type of tea packaging consists of several laminated layers that are not worn away by the natural oils that give tea leaves such a soft taste and beautiful finish.

We believe that we must adapt to the needs of our customers in order to stay current and competitive. For this reason, we use PLA packaging. That is why we offer PLA packaging solutions to all our customers.

Organic Tea and herbs wholesale

If you really want to make sure that your brand makes its way in the market, you need to commit to creating more natural products with packaging that is good for the planet, and choosing high-quality stand-up zipper bags is an excellent solution.

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This keeps the tea protected and creates less waste than cartons or heavy tin cans. Leading tea companies choose packaging that best preserves the freshness and quality of their products while reducing their impact on the environment. The commitment to being an environmentally conscious brand starts with the packaging of your products.

It is the first way to engage with customers, build a relationship and really get your lasting message heard.

Conventional, non-organic growers control pests and diseases with synthetic pesticides and feed their crops with chemical fertilizers. These pesticides and chemicals leave residues on (and in) a plant that people working with the plant can be exposed to and that can be ingested when the plant is eaten.

The Future of Organic Products

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European authorities state that an organically grown crop contains far less pesticide residues than a conventional crop.

That’s because organic farmers use natural fertilizers – like manure or compost – on the plants and soil, and use natural pesticides and beneficial insects to control pests and diseases.


New organic farming legislation will come into force on 1 January 2022, after its implementation was delayed by a year.

The rules will reflect the changing nature of this fast-growing sector. The new regulation aims to ensure fair competition for farmers while preventing fraud and maintaining consumer confidence.

Tea Private Label Organic & Conventional - Gräfenhof Organic Tea Manufacturer & Wholesaler


Our approach to sustainability is in line with our philosophy of blending: understanding and harnessing the richness of complexity.

We believe that a truly sustainable supply chain requires a deeper analysis than simply looking at the carbon footprint. We examine the life cycle of our products, including materials, ingredients and the resulting social and environmental impacts.

We are always closely evaluating our own practices to improve our supply chain and ensure we are finding ways to be environmentally conscious. We believe that waste reduction is an important area for improvement.

We are committed to always finding the best environmental packaging solutions that meet our customers and our own needs. Here are the areas we are continuously improving:

Optimizing the design of our products to reduce unnecessary packaging Ensuring that the packaging we use can be reused or returned to the earth Packaging preserves the high quality of the tea and prevents food waste

Interesting facts



Loose Leaf requires less packaging and uses less energy and resources in production than other tea products. It also provides optimal infusion and taste!

Organic is our philosophy

Tea Private Label Organic & Conventional - Gräfenhof Organic Tea Manufacturer & Wholesaler

What does Gräfenhof Tee do to ensure that our tea packaging is sustainable and complies with European directives?

We only purchase from tested and certified vendors. We test our products before we install them in our facilities to ensure they not only meet standards, but also provide a good experience.

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