Zuerst bei Gräfenhof gefunden? Guayusa!

At first, Guayusa just seems like a rather strange word. But in fact, guayusa is the new, big trend!

But what is it anyway?

Guayusa is a tree that is native to Brazil, South America, and is grown almost exclusively as a crop. It is mainly the leaves of the tree that are used. Indigenous peoples have long sworn by the beneficial effects of the tea they obtain from the leaves.

When extracting guayusa, it is especially important to us that it is organic quality, so that in the end we can develop the highest quality product possible. That’s why we only offer Guayusa in organic quality.

But what actually makes Guayusa so special?

Guayusa is incredibly popular as a pick-me-up. For example, Guayusa can be used for sports teas or concentration teas. However, Guayusa is most popular as a coffee substitute.

Why as a coffee substitute?

It’s because guayusa contains a lot of caffeine. The plant can contain up to seven percent caffeine. This makes it one of the most caffeinated plants in the world. However, most leaves don’t contain that much. When you drink a cup of coffee in the morning, you take in about 94mg of caffeine. This makes itself felt very quickly and gives us a burst of energy, but then it also wears off relatively quickly.

The same amount of guayusa contains about 38mg of caffeine, which at first glance looks like much less. In fact, the caffeine takes a little longer to develop in the body. However, the caffeine level can be maintained for a longer time than with coffee. Thus, the concentration and energy does not decrease after a short time, but is maintained, which gives Guayuasa a clear advantage over coffee.

Of course, Guayusa can also be combined with other components and raw materials, for example with a citrus note. But also individual blends with Guayusa are possible with us, so that concentration and fatigue problems will soon be a thing of the past.

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