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New tea Concepts

Until now, our Bio Selection offered little room for creativity. However, it is important to us to encourage and also stimulate creativity, because we consider creativity to be a valuable asset that has been given to us humans.

So what is behind our new tea concepts?

We have decided to divide the teas into different categories to show what you can do with them. Within each category you will always find at least one tea variety.

Which categories are there and what is hidden behind them?

Of course our absolute novelty Guayusa! In addition to the pure Guayusa, there are two other varieties in this section, namely lemon and orange. The healthy coffee substitute appears in three flavors and can be enjoyed to your heart’s content.

The exact opposite, soothing teas, appear in the hemp category. Hemp is already a real pleasure experience pure, but with lemon or strawberry as an addition, we can offer an even wider range in the section.

Herbs also have their own section. In this section you can find chamomile, mint and fennel. So if you are looking for beneficial herbs, you will find them in this section accordingly.

For those who are looking for a “booster”, we offer green tea pineapple matcha. This is a healthy yet sweet stimulant, so you can start the day fit and focused.

For daytime, we recommend our green tea with matcha and lemon, a slightly milder “day tea”, but just as delicious.

Of course, we also have something for the evening or night. In the Night Tea section you will find herbal tea with nettle and a rooibos tea with lemon. Two very different tasting teas, whose soothing and calming effect is ideal for the evening.

For all fruit lovers, there is something to be found in our Pure Fruits section. Here, the fruity varieties of wild berry, lemon goji berry, cherry, strawberry and red hibiscus rosehip are waiting for you.

But there is also something for those who like it a little more unusual. For this purpose, there is the Spicy Chai section with the varieties Vanilla, African Rooibos and Chai Lemon and the Turmeric section with the varieties Rooibos Tea Ginger Lemon, Fruit Tea Orange Ginger and Green Tea Ginger Lime.

How does that boost your creativity? Well, we would like to give you an insight into what is possible with our new tea concepts. Now it’s up to you to get creative and implement your own new ideas with us. Of course, we are at your side to advise you on this. Let us inspire you and develop your very own teas with us.

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