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Tea is no longer just a drink that has somehow been around for generations and is part of ancient traditions. No, tea has become more and more present in our everyday life over the years.

The German Tea and Herbal Tea Association has found out that more than 15 billion cups of tea are drunk in the world every day. 120 million of these cups of tea are consumed in Germany alone.

What could be the reason for this?

First of all, awareness of healthy eating has risen sharply. We have all become aware of how important a healthy diet actually is for our bodies and how much better we feel when we allow our bodies to eat this healthy diet. Drinking only water because it is good for the body, however, seems boring to many. Tea offers a wonderful alternative, because the herbal ingredients in tea give the water an excellent taste, while the herbs, fruits, tea leaves and much more can also promote our health and strengthen our immune system. So you can talk about a win-win situation.

In addition, tea is no longer simply green or black tea. Through different additions of various plants, the taste of the tea can be changed so that there is something for everyone that he or she can say is absolutely delicious.

In 2017/18, herbal and fruit teas were the favorites in Germany. Citrus, peach, mint, cake creations and spice teas were particularly popular flavors.

In 2018/19, it was still the herbal and fruit teas that particularly appealed to us Germans, but roots were on the rise. Suddenly, turmeric and ginger were at the top of the trend ingredients.

What is the current trend?

We Germans are probably creatures of habit, because we still prefer fruit and herbal teas. Ginger and turmeric are also still popular, but new additions are mate, honey and blueberries as flavors.

So you see, tea varieties are changing as well as the people who drink it. Tea does not remain rigidly in one place, but goes with the trends and desires of the people. Get involved in the tea trend and learn to enjoy it.

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