Gräfenhof – Tee- & Kräutergroßhandel

Tea and herbs are closely linked. You can see this in the number of different herbal teas that are being demanded by more and more people. We have therefore decided to expand our range and now also offer herbs individually, so that you can now buy more than just tea from us.

Our herbs, just like our teas, can be easily ordered in our B2B online shop. Of course, our herbs are of organic quality, as quality plays a very important role for us and we don’t want to take a step backwards in terms of quality, but rather forwards.

For the herbs that can be found in the shop, the minimum order quantity is only 1kg per variety, just like for loose tea. So you can try our assortment without any problems.

Goods in stock, i.e. everything that can be found in the B2B shop, can be dispatched quickly. This shortens the waiting time for the goods considerably.

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